GEN7 Messenger Michael Auksi is currently in Saskatchewan for the National Aboriginal Hockey Championships on behalf of GEN7 and the Active Circle as an on and off-ice coach for the young athletes.

GEN7 Messenger Michael Auksi blogs about his experiences playing hockey in Estonia

April 9, 2011
I want to chat a bit about my time thus far in Estonia…my teammates are unbelievably cool…it’s not easy to work a 9th defenseman into drills, especially when he has his eyes on your spot. Same goes for the management & coaches. Everyone has been super to me! Haven’t seen many sights outside of the airport in Tallinn, the rink in Tartu, my hotel and the gym.  The hotel has good food…lots of pasta, chicken, tomato and beef soup, nice Estonian bread and a variety of deserts…no matter what happens in the next week, I am having the time of my life and I love myself for having the guts to follow my dreams…miss you all:)

April 10, 2011
Estonia: Day 5
Well…just got off the ice…its very frustrating being at the bottom of the depth chart most likely due to eligibility question marks…I guess I’m used to being the underdog in hockey, so I’m well equipped to do my job and find a way…two ice sessions tomorrow….and game Tues…going to be huge…thank goodness tonight wasn’t another 10pm practice…but I’m glad the figure skating competition was fun for the past two nights:)

I flew Tuesday, so I’ll just call today Day 5…training camp is tiring…but should I be cleared for the tournament, that will be 10X more tiring!  Five explosive games in 6 days/nights…dinner soon…and an early night…gonna need it…so tired…but having so much fun…miss everyone still :P

Six dedicated youth from the North gathered in Ottawa on March 18th, 2011 to participate in a weekend of skill building, community needs development, cultural teachings and knowledge exchange at Motivate Canada’s first ever Northern Messenger Gathering.

Two more remote First Nations communities in Northern Ontario will soon be getting the“right to play,” according to members of a humanitarian and development organization, at a special public awareness event at McGill on March 14.

GEN7 Messenger Mary Spencer is profiled on Global’s 16:9 this Saturday at 7PM EST!

GEN7 Messenger Mary Spencer named the American Boxing Federation’s woman athlete of the year

Windsor’s Mary Spencer, the three-time world champion and Canadian amateur boxing champion, was named the American Boxing Federation’s women athlete of the year.

Spencer won the award for her meritorious performance in high level events, according to a letter sent to Spencer from the AMBC.

She’ll be awarded personally at a date and place yet to be announced.

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